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Elliott Joseph ~ The Wild Heart of the Music

Let me set the scene: January 2018, Ireland; a few miles out from the town of Killarney. 6am; I step out the front door of the house my family and I have rented for a few days. Straight ahead of me a lake which currently sits like glass, reflecting the Killarney National Park mountain-tops with the brightening sky above. As the sun slowly rises in the east and the mountains shift from stark outlines to pictures of grandeur and green I attempt to take it all in. It is by no means a warm morning, but the air brings me to and sharpens my mind by every second passing. For several moments I simply stand before the simplicity and beauty of the Irish landscape. It’s enriching and liberating to feel disconnected from the world, but never closer to reality. In the midst of life’s ever changing momentum, especially at the start of the New Year, to be here in this moment is sobering; it lends me perspective and brings my mind to a calm and collected thinking space, with a light-heart and open-mind.

On this day we headed for the south west to a small coastal town by the name of Dingle – famous for the peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic. As a family of hikers and adventure seekers, we aimed to follow a road called “The Wild Atlantic Way” which hugs the cliff tops and coastline along Ireland’s western shores – our main goal to take in the views, find some challenging trails and be by the sea after many a Guinness the night before!

What the locals described as one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world did not fail to live up to its reputation. With the wind howling, the rain trying to decide whether it was coming or going and the sun beaming down over us, we watched the Atlantic perform the beauty of what happens when an unstoppable force, meets an immovable object. There was nothing to do but stand in awe of the scene.

The memories of that trip, The Wild Atlantic Way, being surrounded by constant beauty, the unrelenting power of nature and my family will stay with me. They have, in addition to many other incredible moments from recent times shaped and moulded my life and music since – in particular this new project I am working on.

I talk of this trip to make the point of: there are moments, places and people that consistently effect your life daily. Whether you are at home or in a different country, they resonate through you as they unknowingly become who you are. This compilation of memories, stories and lessons learned is at the very heart of my latest music. I am trying to capture the feeling of venturing into the unknown, meeting those people who unknowingly become very special and imperative in your life, having open arms and creating new stories with those people, and the feeling of stepping out the door whilst the rest of the world is still sleeping and taking a moment with a view to remember just why you’re living.

These reasons are exactly why I have written these songs. It’s why I love to share them with you. My music is written for whoever may need a new soundtrack for their Monday morning commute, theme for their summer ventures, a reminder of a moment with a lover, the inspiration to travel, or simply to give someone a smile and lighten their heart.

They are written based on the last few years of my life, the travel, the people, the places, the love, the triumphs and failures and all the helping hands along the way. The guys and I have loved every second of bringing these songs to life. We are back in the studio this week, doing what we love most.

Here’s to sharing it with you all very soon. Peace.



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