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Elliott Joseph ~ A Journey of Music, Travels, and Friends...

Music for me has always been a soundtrack to a life full of memories, a gateway to that feeling of nostalgia, that always takes you back to a certain time, place, and memory. Im not alone in saying that, as its what keeps pretty much everyone going, throughout their daily lives. The famous thought that after all the politics has been debated, after all the wars have been fought, after all that puts a cold, hard, unemotional cover over the world has been thoroughly seen through, there will always be room for a song. For music to bring us back to reality, is one I stand by.

From the earliest memory I have of my older brother Aaron, picking up his guitar, handing it to me, and in turn being inspired to be just like him, it has been clear that it is where I find my centre, and where my passion resides. These childhood memories have lead me through many a concert, many a loud rock band, and many a moment of endlessly learning and grafting in my bedroom as a teen, right up to a present day, where I live for playing a live show, and sharing these stories I have been lucky enough to live in my 24, busy years so far.

Its hard to say that as a writer, and someone who takes pride in writing to inspire, and performing to cause a smile on the face of someone you've never met, that I continuously find the synergy in a room, the feeling of enrichment, happiness, or fulfilment from every situation, especially as all us creatives and non creatives alike, strive for perfection and nothing less in our own eyes and the eyes of others. But it is the golden moments where every song comes together, where every ear is intent on listening, and you know you have written, and are performing something that connects on a deeper level, that give you this contentment with your surrounds, a sense of purpose, and a lot of new friends, you will have been glad to make along the way.

When you bring the ability to compose, to produce and to perform to quite literally anyone, the ball is in your side of the court. Your possibilities are limitless, yet what we all dream to write is the music which inspires us, and we aspire to sound like. For me, learning a songwriters craft, and the ability to learn and progress has come towards the end of my teenage years and early 20's. Its been a craft I have developed, yes, but will always be one of learning throughout what I believe will be my life. Especially having had the pleasure of writing with great writers such as Rick Tiger, and Laurin Floyd, you learn very quickly the level of craftsmanship required to really make an impact. But only in recent times has it finally started giving back. And I don't mean in financial reward. I mean in how it makes me feel when I reflect on it, when I hear what Ive created. It has become wholesome, and enriched with a variation of life experience, stories to tell, and the willingness to inspire others to live as if it is always a bright, and sunny day. It finally feels as if it could turn a head or two, and make people want to know more. I guess the proof is yet to come, but in regards to what is happening next. Well, it can be put down to an accumulation of the last 2 years…

Travel. Where we find ourselves.

Travelling brings an enrichment to our lives, it certainly has to mine. Its the people we meet, the places we see, the memories we make that never crossed our minds before we left, the unexpected, and sometimes uncomfortable zone we pass into. We as humans, all have a fear of the unknown, no matter who you are, every person feels comfortable with what they know. However it is the branching out, that move of taking a risk that truly gives us fulfilment. Travel, and the friends I have met within my life of seeing the places I have seen so far, has given me a sense of a wider family, a feeling that goes beyond getting that perfect shot on top of a mountain. (although if you know me, you know I wont say no…). In my life, it is this which has affected me profoundly, and has given inspiration to much of my music, and, the want, to open my eyes a little wider, walk a little bolder and keep the word “no”, when given an opportunity, to a smart minimum. For me and my music, this will always be a factor that inspires that next song, that next chapter, that next adventure with whomever it may concern.

Friendship. The Kind That Last's A Lifetime.

The men in my life, from England, New Zealand and America, that I have come to see as my brothers. Who are strong life inspirations, unwavering support, and gifted with loyalty that will never falter.

The woman in my life from England, and America, who surpass so many others in strength, kind heartedness, a fiery spirit, elegance and beauty of all forms.

My musical friends and family, who I have written many a song with, who I have shared the stage with so far and continue to work with to this day, and most probably will for the rest of my life.

The Music. The Source Of Inspiration.

Musical role models such as Bear Rhineheart, Jon Foreman, Foy Vance, Glen Hansard, Springsteen, and many more. Those who are much further along this journey of life and music, then I am at the moment. Whether it be those musical heroes that I grew up with, or those that I have come to know more recently, their purpose and willingness to share what they create, in turn gives me the fuel I need.

These people breathe life into what I do, and for me, my latest work, and that which is soon to come, they are all part of it. They are, intertwined in some way or another with the sound, the stories, the performance, and the sensitivity of the music and its translation to the everyday person who just may need a sound track to their life.

The future few months hold a lot of new endeavours yet to be announced, all of which I know will be fun, a challenge, and enlightening in every way. This new music holds the stories of friends from all over the world who I will soon be reunited with for the first time in a long time. The travels and fascinating memories made in places such as the wild, unforgiving but beautiful south west coast of Ireland. The wiles and rolling landscapes or the Yorkshire Dales and Moores, that even in the bleakest of weather, maintain a wild and desolate beauty. The summers spent with the greatest of friends I have ever made, in America. And the sense of pure nostalgia, that England offers in all seasons.

Looking Forward...

As this is the very first entry into this blog, I can happily say I would love you, whoever you are, whether I know you or not, to continue to join me on this new chapter over the coming months. It is, in short, an insight into my music, my writing, the live shows, my life, and how I feel everyone should live, that being, “striving to live a life, of doing what you love”.

Here’s to a fresh, new canvas, and everyone who is painting a story on it with me, whether knowingly or not.



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