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Travel & Time Well Spent ~ Elliott Joseph

The phrase, “time well spent”, in my eyes, means time you have specifically set aside to dedicate to something that enriches your life. Something that lifts your spirits, gives a sense of calm because you have ticked that something off of a to do list, spending an uninhabited amount of time with a friend or loved one, whether it be for the sake of tradition or spontaneity, in a genuine, wanting, manner. Taking time to recenter yourself with whatever your passion may be.

Basically, its using the time you have to the maximum efficiency, to correlate with exactly what you need, in that specific moment. The key factor to this, in my, 24 years of life opinion, is realising that time well spent, when regarding working towards your life goal, isn't always time spent in a state of high intensity and a mechanical state of mind. Its no secret that as humans the ability to recenter ourselves with that which calms us, and those who inspire us is crucial to the genius of the creative process. Every now and then, you must allow your head and heart space to think and flourish in a non regimented way, in order to return feeling refreshed and full of the will to strive forward once more.

Now I don't mean simply finding your own Eden, and cutting yourself of from every day life, I mean seeking out and pursuing what you truly love, and what inspires you to continue along the path you have created for yourself. As one of the greatest songwriters of our time, in my opinion, Jimmy Webb, describes in his book, “Tunesmith”, the inspiration and drive to create, to build something, (in his case a new song), comes from the conflict of life, and the idea that you are spending your energy creating stories for yourself, that you are choosing to be involved in your passions, that you are directly making the decision to engage with people and your friends.

For me, its the grandeur and unspoken connection we have with travel, the wild. Its the unknown trails that lead you to places that few eyes have seen. And in turn give rise to new fellowships and relationships that may have never been there if you hadn't taken a step into the unknown.

So thats where I am headed now. Across to the USA to see some of the greatest friends I have ever made. The trip is taking us from the beautiful lakeside city of Chicago, to the rolling hills of Wisconsin, out west to a handful of the National Parks of America; Badlands NP in South Dakota, Glacier NP in Montana, and a place that has always been in my heart since visiting it for the first time in 2016, The Grand Teton NP in Wyoming. Being joined by friends along different stints of the journey, it is also the first time I have seen one of my closest in 2 years. A guy I consider my best friend and brother, is flying in from New Zealand. Its going to be a heck of a busy couple of weeks visiting friends, visiting places I consider 2nd homes, and putting time into some strenuous hiking and camping.

After being back in the studio over the last month, it is time to let the guys at the studio mix and master, and head off in search of inspiration before the first mixes come through, catch up with those who I haven seen in a while, and find the heart and soul, and basically the “why” of this new project; Why I started it, to gain a reminder of what its all for, and how I want to present it to everyone listening. If all I return with is a title for it, and a few stories to add to an ever growing list. Then fantastic, but I know better then that. And I know that this is going to be a journey to remember.

Ill be back in England in a few weeks, and then all the craziness starts!

Here’s to stepping into summer the right way.

Here’s to new stories, old friends, and fresh music.

Here’s to trails yet to be found, and finding places of beauty.

Here’s to late nights around a fire with the best kind of people.

Here’s to recharging with a touch of reality.

And… Here’s to time well spent at the beginning of summer!

As always, thanks for reading guys, keep tuning in to hear more about the process, I cant wait to share this new music with you all!



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